Buying Or Selling A Property With Odor?

About Us

Welcome! We are AdvantaClean, a premium water damage mitigation, air quality enhancement, and mold removal company. In our hands, you can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy, professionalism, open-mindedness, and efficiency.

What do we do?

We focus on you as our only customer in the whole wide world. Why? Because we believe in providing each customer with an exceptional service experience.
We listen to your input, feedback, and concerns. Why? Because we believe that listening is the most important skill if one is to be successful at attaining 100 percent customer satisfaction.
We constantly learn and self-improve. Why? Because technology and practical approaches never stand still, and we want to be able to provide the most advanced and environmentally sustainable solutions to every customer.

What do we not do?

We do not use cookie cutter solutions. We know that your case is unique, which is why we analyze it on its own merits while employing our wealth of experience.
We do not sell you services you don’t need. A successful business is not built on stuffing customers with information and products they do not require. We focus on what you need and do that in the best way possible.
We do not take your issues lightly. We understand that the issues of air quality, mold, and water damage are no laughing matter. The health and well-being of people depend on the quality of work that we do, and we take pride in always striving to be the best.

AdvantaClean is called that for a reason. Our technological superiority, customer service skills, and commitment to your satisfaction provide the advantage above our competitors that will not leave you disinterested. We are confident that after speaking with one of our service representatives, you will know the difference that is the AdvantaClean way. In our service philosophy, things are done correctly the first time around, customer concerns are seen as an opportunity to learn, and challenges are overcome with a smile.